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Cochiti Pueblo Ancestral Lands

Cochiti, New Mexico

100s of acres of ancestral Cochiti Pueblo lands have been put on the market for sale. These properties are now privately owned, claimed through a Spanish land grant process that stole the land from indigenous stewards.  The land is critically important to the Cochiti Pueblo as it contains important landmarks and cultural patrimony only available on this particular land base. Additionally, recent fires have created environments that will only further erode the land unless stewarded properly.


The People's Land Fund is working in partnership with the Cochiti Pueblo Tribal Administration to raise funds, regain ownership of the land, and restore cultural practice, relationship, and stewardship.


ATA Farm (Gohyang) Seed Campus

Sebastopol, CA

Farmer Kristyn Leach has a rare opportunity to purchase a 9-acre farm in Sebastopol to serve as a Seed Campus where seeds, culture and their stewards can deeply root, learn, adapt and flourish. The parcel has an affirmative agricultural easement, with 6 acres of farmable ground and infrastructure to house seed processing equipment and seed storage. The site offers long term stability, much needed space for the trialing and preservation of seed crops, and opportunity to grow educational programs and collaborative networks.

The Peoples’ Land Fund has committed resources for the down payment, as ATA farm (now Gohyang Seed Campus) continues to fundraise for the property acquisition.

Coriander Seeds
ATA Farm

Rancho Corralitos

Watsonville, California

Led by PLF member Kitchen Table Advisors, The People's Land Fund supported the acquisition of 170+ acres of prime organic farmland in Watsonville, CA. The property will be transferred to 5-7 diversified, organic, Latino immigrant farmers who in turn will be able to invest in soil health, biodiversity, and climate resilience while gaining economic opportunity and building thriving livelihoods.


The Rancho Corralitos project serves as an example of how philanthropic support and non-extractive investments can create pathways to equitable land access for farmers of color who have historically been locked out of opportunities for long term land stability and ownership.

Rancho Corralitos
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